Samstag, 20. Januar 2018

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  1. India’s Urban Awakening

    Urbanization advances economic development, but it also poses major challenges, from managing congestion and pollution to ensuring that growth is inclusive and equitable. India has the tools it needs to overcome these challenges, and can do so if its leaders must use them wisely.

  2. What Trump’s Tax Cut Really Means for the US Economy

    Republicans and the Trump administration have promised that the tax legislation enacted in December will boost investment and the rate of GDP growth over the long term. But the new law is likely to do neither, because it is based on flawed assumptions and contains a raft of self-defeating provisions.

  3. The Right Question About Inequality and Growth

    The relationship between inequality and growth has become a hot topic for economists, with new research challenging the conventional view that greater inequality is the price that must be paid for higher output. But for policymakers, this debate is a distraction; the real question is how to assess outcomes and improve modes of distribution.

  4. Water Management Is Health Management

    Some 2.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, readily available water at home, severely undermining health outcomes. With a growing share of the population also facing the effects of environmental degradation, integrated solutions that simultaneously advance conservation, water provision, and health have become essential.

  5. How Economics Survived the Economic Crisis

    Unlike the Great Depression of the 1930s, which produced Keynesian economics, and the stagflation of the 1970s, which gave rise to Milton Friedman's monetarism, the Great Recession has elicited no such response from the economics profession. Why?

  6. A Compromise for Catalonia?

    Catalan separatists won't win independence for their region. But if they reengage with Spain's state institutions and build alliances with other political forces that want a federal system, they could achieve far-reaching constitutional reform.

  7. What Happens When Primary Health Care Is Universal?

    Since the 1990s, one of Latin America’s smallest countries has built a system of primary health care that reaches nearly every citizen. Four key reforms underpinned this progress, and offer a model that other countries pursuing universal health coverage should consider.

  8. Let’s Talk About Politics

    With every decision our governments make having a direct and measurable impact on our businesses and our lives as consumers, the idea that we can simply avoid politics is untenable. In fact, the only real option is to do the opposite: engage political issues and leaders in order to fight to defend our interests.

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