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How the Media Shapes Perception

MediatedThomas de Zengotita's Mediated will fundamentally rework the way you see the world, which may in turn lead to fundamental reworkings of how you live in it. Perhaps the easiest way to describe what de Zengotita means by "mediated" is to say that everything in the world—every car color, perfume scent, and variety of corn chip—is there for you: The world as presented to us by media revolves entirely around us consumers.

What nobody wants to know

ChallengeAutomation, New Morality and a Global Useless Class. Humans, Mr. Harari warned, have created such a complicated world that we’re no longer able to make sense of what is happening. Terrifying, if you’re to believe Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli historian and author of “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus,” a pair of audacious books that offer a sweeping history of humankind and a forecast of what lies ahead: an age of algorithms and technology that could see us transformed into “super-humans” with godlike qualities.

Der ignorierte Kontinent AFRIKA

thrive(at)iclei.orgDie EU will die neue libysche Regierung stützen und sucht die Zusammenarbeit, um die befürchtete nächste Flüchtlingswelle über das Mittelmeer zu stoppen. Regierungsvertreter sind bemüht, nordafrikanische Staaten zu gewinnen, um die Flüchtlingsströme zurückzuhalten. Die EU will die Mission "Sophia" ausweiten und die Gewässer zwischen Nordafrika und Europa sichern, u.a. durch die Zerstörung von Schiffen der Schlepperbanden. Doch dieser Aktionismus kommt zu spät, greift zu kurz und zögert die Spannungen nur hinaus, während die Ursachen zwar vielfältig bekannt sind, aber immer noch nicht ausreichend in Angriff genommen werden.

Innovating Positive Journalism

digital commonsConsuming and producing news reports have a substantial negative emotional impact on both users and journalism professionals. This is a concern for both the journalism profession and for society. Does positive reporting and positivity have a place within already existing foundational values and ethics in journalism? Key findings from positive psychology may be particularly relevant to media workplaces.

Medien, Finanzmärkte, Petro- System.. 2015

World on FireIm Chaos, das kennzeichnend für eine Krise ist, mangelt es nicht an den unterschiedlichsten Erklärungen, die nichts weiter sind als Versuche, die eigene Sicht der Dinge als herrschende Meinung durchzusetzen. Und wer die Meinung kontrolliert, kontrolliert die Welt. Den Spielraum, den eine Krise mit seinem Chaos öffnet, ist immer auch der Rahmen für einen Krieg um die Bedeutungshoheit der Ereignisse, den die gewinnen, die entweder die Stärksten sind (auf kurze Sicht) oder die Weitsichtigsten (auf lange Sicht).

Transparency Reporting Tool

sustainability.comSustainAbility has worked with companies over several decades to build and improve their sustainability reporting efforts. Since 1998 SustainAbility has convened the Engaging Stakeholders network, which explores the corporate transparency and accountability agenda. Our work with network members has contributed to more comprehensive reporting that has built credibility and effective engagement among stakeholders. And yet we feel there is a need to do much more in this area.

2014 Greendex Study

greendex 2014You've heard about it for years now—everyone’s interested in being green. But do you really know how your personal choices are adding up? What about the choices of your fellow citizens? What behaviors are people adopting globally that have a positive impact on environmental sustainability? What has changed—and what hasn’t—in the past few years? Consumers adopting some sustainable behaviors, but change not keeping pace with concern, 
18-country survey reveals; Americans remain last in global consumer sustainability ranking.

A Shift in the PR World

Foto by Brenda GottsabendIn the era of “media multi-taskers,” people have grown used to being bombarded with a wide range of ever-present content and messages. Unless the material is directly relevant to them, it will generally be ignored. In one of his blogs, Richard Edelman stated that we are no longer selling to an audience. Instead, we are trying to build relationships across a community of stakeholders, where a consumer is now also an employee, a shareholder, a member of an NGO, a community activist and a passionate user of products willing to advise on the design of said products.

WorldBlu List

worldbluThe WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2014 is comprised of 41 organizations from a diversity of industries including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and services, with a combined annual revenue of over $13 billion. These organizations include public, private, non-profit, and educational institutions. They range in size from five to 50,000 employees and are located in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Malaysia, Haiti, New Zealand, Belgium and Romania.

Women in War Zones

womeninwarzonesThere comes a time when we must all make the decision to stand up for something. We've decided to stand up for the human rights and safety of women around the world. In too many places, women are in danger. Targeting women is nothing new, but the extent to which it is being used in conflict zones around the world today has greatly escalated, particularly in the last few years.

Internet changes consumer behavior

techruptiveIt’s been almost half a century since Philip Kotler published his Principles of Marketing, which has defined the practice ever since. Kotler took insights from other fields, such as economics, social science and analytics and applied them to the marketing. Although it seems basic now, it was groundbreaking then.


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